Is Healthy

It's Healthy

Grass Fed Beef
Supermarket Beef
  • Well, you already knew that, right?
    That's why you eat a good variety of meats, dairy, fish, veggies, whole grains, good oils, etc.etc.
  • Recently our children educated us to the benefits of "GRASS FED BEEF" and we are convinced of its health and economic benefits. Maybe home grown beef and their garden contributed to Dad's 96 years and Mom's 103 years.
  • The Same is True of Cattle
    They are what they eat.
  • And because they are, feed-lot beef has somewhat deserved the bad press in recent years. To put on maximum pounds they are fed grains, protein supplements, steroids, antibiotics, growth hormones etc. etc.
  • That means that even though feed-lot beef is USDA inspected and "safe" it is definitely not as good as grass fed beef. Cattle were created to graze on grass and legumes. They are not genetically engineered to thrive on a concentrated diet of grains. Grains together with all those supplements put fast weight on cattle but the result is more fat and an imbalance of the Omega 6 (bad) and the Omega 3 (good) essential fatty acids.
  • The Better Option
    In contrast, grass fed beef is as high in good Omega 3 as fish. Grass fed beef is also higher in vitamin E, beta-carotene, CLA and other nutrients proven to help us avoid heart problems, arthritis, obesity and diabetes.
  • You will eat complete healthy beef if you buy grass fed beef. You can know it is grass fed and free of all those supplements if you can see it in the pasture. It is also butchered humanely and locally rather than at some distant slaughterhouse.
  • The Usual Option
    Supermarket beef is feed-lot beef. Most of it is not even U.S. beef. It might be from Canada or South America. For health, buy local grass fed beef from Teddy Bear.
  • We purchase feeder calves in February or March, feed them til spring on grass and alfalfa hay and finish them on our lush pastures from May to August or later. Drive by and see our happy and healthy herd and reserve your half or whole beef.